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SlingShot Tools is your online store for Industrial Grade Tools! Whether you are a novice, DIYer or an experienced contractor, you’ve come to the right place.


Meet our Founder

Mike is our in-house “Tool Geek.” Not only does he know quality when he sees it, he studies the manuals and scrutinizes each tool.  If he recommends a particular product, heed his advice.  

An Air Force veteran, his background includes various jobs in the construction, electrical and plumbing trades as well as having experience in hardware sales and service.  He learned early on that a quality tool helps you get a job done correctly and quicker the first time out.  As such, every product SlingShot Tools offers has been hand-selected and tested by Mike.

“There’s a lot that goes into knowing what makes a high-quality tool.  How it fits in your hands; the amount of force needed to get the job done.  If you are using the correct, high-quality tools – especially in repetitive motions/actions – your body can feel the difference.  It can be what helps prevents you from getting carpal tunnel syndrome, developing a shoulder issue or other industry-related injuries.”

Check out Mike’s Picks and his Wrench Rating (e.g., Better, Excellent and Superior) for tools and supplies throughout our store to learn why a specific product is best for your needs.


The SlingShot Tools Team

Each SlingShot Tools team member (always a Tool Geek) is either an experienced contractor or a professional DIYer with a love and knowledge of high quality, trusted and proven tools providing great customer service and top-notch information.

Tool Geek Tom says, “we are a reliable source of information.  Our warehouse is filled with high-quality tools from the United States, Germany, and Italy. We are very selective of our brands.”

SlingShot Tools team members also want our customers to have as much fun buying tools as they do.  Their goal is to make SlingShot Tools the easiest to navigate online tool store, filled with industry information and outstanding products.

Tool Geek Scott says, “we research tools and get to know the best brands.  We also ask contractors what they prefer; what are their favorites.  We offer the toughest tools that perform the best.”

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